Development history

★  In 2000, the company was established in tianjin, SW tunnel type, SL screw type quick-freezing machine at the same time successfully developed and put to the market

★  In 2001 became China's "food monomer quick-freezing device", "spiral food quick-freezing device" standard review unit

★  In 2002, the multi-functional asthenic-state quick freezing production line project was successfully designed and implemented for the American top 500 enterprise hermel

★  In 2003, sw-d multi-layer network belt quick freezer was successfully developed, and become the Chinese supply and marketing cooperative key promotion units

★  In 2004 SJ step type quick freezing machine development success

★  In 2005, the machine was successfully introduced to the market

★  2006 and “ Throughout 211 engineering &; Hefei university of technology, nanjing agricultural university cooperation, the development of multi-functional experimental quick freezer has been successful

★  2008 for the Olympic catering project escort, the same year the company's products exported to the United Kingdom, Spain and the eu CE certification

★  In 2009, ruel frequency conversion direct acting double helix quick-freezing machine was rated as the top ten innovative brands in the freezing industry

★  In 2010, riel was rated as the recommended brand of national agricultural products cold chain

★  In 2011, riehl speed cold and quick freezing equipment is widely used in the domestic major railway, aviation catering field

★  In 2012, riel frozen machine exports to southeast Asia, America and other regions; The drying and rapid cooling machine has been successfully put on the market

★  In 2013, the riel fluidized hybrid quick-freezing machine was developed and exported to South Korea
★  2016 export Lithuania SLD300 fluidized quick freezer